Residential Outhouse

Slimline Sliding Glass Doors Installation

We installed this beautiful black aluminium and slimline glass sliding doors for a client’s residential property. Built for an outhouse which holds a jacuzzi, the large glass panel doors enables our client’s to enjoy the views of the house, garden and countryside from the indoor space.

Built for both privacy and open space, these sliding doors are a great option for people who want easy access to their property and surroundings.

Residential aluminium and glass sliding doors outhouse

What did we do on the project?

The Job

Residential Glass Sliding Doors

How we did it

This project was made for a local residential property to increase the light and view from an indoor jacuzzi space in our client’s garden. Made using black aluminium and slimline glass sliding doors, we created a room which enables people inside to see across the entire garden and house, whilst enjoying peaceful tranquillity inside. Having sliding doors makes it easy for people to exit in and out of the room, and our design means that this is able to be done smoothly.

Sliding glass doors enable our client’s to move freely in and out of the room, with wide open doors available when wanting fresh air on a summers day, or the option to close for privacy when needed.

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