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Slimline Skylight Installation

We have recently completed this gorgeous frameless skylight installation in a residential property in Caldy. The work was completed quickly and involved high tech cranes to lift the large glass panels to the top of the building.

This type of skylight is frameless, meaning that the window will appear to be an open space once the interior of the property has been completely renovated. Frameless skylight installations are a great way to improve the brightness in your home and open up your space.

Residential skylight installation in Caldy

What we did on the project

the job

Caldy Residential Frameless Skylights

How we did it

The installation process of this frameless skylight involved several carefully orchestrated steps to ensure a seamless integration of the glass windows into this residential building’s structure. A crane was required to lift the frameless sky light to the top of the property, which was then carefully installed by our team.

Our dedicated professionals ensured every aspect of the installation process was executed flawlessly, delivering two frameless skylights which modernise and brighten up this residential property in Caldy. Once completed and renovated inside, these stunning skylights installed by our glass specialists will transform the space and integrate light into the property. For more information about our skylight installations, get in touch today.

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