Are Glass Balustrades Safe?

Find out with Premier Aluminium Solutions.

It’s no secret that, regarding modern architecture and interior design, glass balustrades have become increasingly popular. Their sleek and contemporary design adds a unique touch of elegance and sophistication, providing any home with a luxurious feel. 

However, when choosing any structural element – safety is paramount.

So, the question arises – Are glass balustrades safe? The short answer is a resounding yes, and we’ll explain the key reasons why in this article.

Are Glass Balustrades Safe - an image of a curved frameless glass balustrade staircase

Toughened Safety Glass

The primary material used for most glass balustrades is toughened or tempered glass. 

This type of glass undergoes a specific manufacturing process that makes it up to five times stronger than regular glass. In the rare event that it breaks, it shatters into small, blunt-edged fragments, significantly reducing the risk of injury compared to the sharp shards found with conventional glass.

Regulations and Standards

Glass balustrades are subject to rigorous building standards and regulations in most countries. These rules ensure that only the highest quality materials are used and the installation methods are secure. 

Professionals in the industry, such as our team here at Premier Aluminium Solutions, are familiar with these regulations and will ensure the balustrades adhere to all safety standards.

Frameless and Framed Options

Glass balustrades come in both frameless and framed options. The frameless design offers an uninterrupted view, making spaces appear larger and more open. However, some might question its strength – but rest assured, the anchoring systems and clamps used are specially designed to hold the glass panels securely in place. 

If additional security is desired, framed glass balustrade options, which use metal or other materials to encase the glass, can provide added peace of mind.

Are Glass Balustrades Safe? - an image of a balcony that features frameless glass balustrades

Easy Maintenance and Visibility

One advantage of glass balustrades that indirectly contributes to safety is transparency. Transparent barriers mean fewer hidden areas, which reduces the chances of unforeseen accidents. Additionally, glass is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. So, any potential wear and tear or damage can be spotted immediately – allowing for quick repairs if necessary.

Customisation and Fitting

The adaptability of glass balustrades is not only a design benefit – but also another key safety feature. 

For example, here at Premier Aluminium Solutions, our glass balustrades can be custom-fitted to any staircase, balcony, or pool area, ensuring a snug fit without dangerous gaps or overhanging edges. So, by ensuring that they are fitted perfectly into the allocated space, glass balustrades provide a smooth and secure barrier.

Are Glass Balustrades Safe? - an image of an indoor staircase that features framed glass balustrades

So, Are Glass Balustrades Safe?

Yes. Safety and style can co-exist seamlessly, and glass balustrades are a testament to that. 

So, whether you’re considering them for your home, office, or even a commercial space, you can be confident in the safety and durability that glass balustrades bring to the table.

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